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Inman Aligner Training and Support

Inman Aligner Training and Support

Inman Aligner Training and Support

The Inman Aligner is an innovative appliance that uses gentle opposing forces to straighten anterior teeth safely. Straight Talk Seminars offer both hands-on and online training courses, enabling practitioners to expand their treatment range and enhance the service they provide their patients.

Dr Michael Ehrlich from Bailiff Bridge Dental Practice Ltd in West Yorkshire, has now been offering the treatment for just under 2 years.

“I underwent the hands-on Inman Aligner training and found it to be a very good and inspiring course,” he says.

“The Support Forum was part of the Spacewize Package (crowding calculator software), and it has been a great backup to my work. I often receive useful pointers and comments from Tif Qureshi and James Russell and the Straight Talk Seminars team, confirming my case selection is suitable and ensuring successful treatments for my patients. Their replies are quick – often within 24 hours!

“I still use the forums nearly 2 years on, as the support allows me to take on more complex cases. Comments posted by other practitioners can also be quite revealing and very useful.

“I have already recommended the support forums to friends and will certainly be renewing my subscription when the time comes, to continue using the forums.”

For more information on Inman Aligner training please visit or phone 0845 366 5477

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