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Initial Medical launches ‘myLearning’

Initial Medical launches ‘myLearning’

Initial Medical has launched a new online learning tool to help support dental organisations in keeping their employees fully up-to-date with best practice and the latest legal requirements for the handling and disposal of dental waste.

myLearning is an interactive e-learning portal which is fully accessible on any device, providing learning on the go and 24/7.  Each myLearning course is split into easy-to-digest modules, and is interactive, using facts, infographics and videos to educate the user in an engaging way. Personalised, downloadable certificates at the end of each module provide evidence of learning and assessment success.  Each myLearning module is also CPD accredited, providing professional recognition of course completion.   

The Initial Medical online learning platform includes modules on the key areas which all dental companies producing clinical waste, need to understand and follow, including:

  • Documentation
  • Duty of care
  • Sharps injuries
  • Waste Management
  • Hazards of mercury
  • InSafe

Rebecca Allen, Category Manager, Initial Medical, comments: “We’re incredibly excited about myLearning as it offers our dental professionals easy access to all of the information they need to be kept fully up-to-date, so as legislation changes, so do the relevant references within the training courses.  This online learning portal has been developed in direct response to customer demand for ongoing training.

“Dental clinical waste management is not something that can simply be managed from the top down. It relies on frontline workers knowing how to segregate their waste properly at the point of disposal and ‘Waste Segregation’ is just one of the modules currently available.” 

The online learning portal is suitable for anyone working within a dental environment who is required to handle and dispose of clinical waste. 

Further information on my myLearning can be found at: or by calling  0808 115 8286.  

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