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Honigum-MixStar Heavy

Honigum-MixStar Heavy

DMG UK’s Honigum-MixStar Heavy has been selected by Brånemark & Straumann as their material of choice for implant impressions.

At the Brånemark Centre they treat every type of implant case from simple single tooth to the most complex cases. They continuously evaluate every stage of treatment in order to find the optimal combination from osseointegration to optimal precision of the prosthetic reconstruction. Their conclusion is that Honigum-MixStar Heavy is the material of choice, best fulfilling the demands for precision and handling. Dr Nannmark says: “Honigum-MixStar Heavy ensures improvement and simplification of our prosthetic treatment. In our clinic, every patient is a lifelong commitment where we take full responsibility of follow up and long-term results.”

Featuring DMG’s patented Honigum Technology, Honigum-Mixstar Heavy contains a unique microcrystalline wax matrix. This rheologically active matrix combines with its unique “Directed Flow” characteristic to facilitate unprecedented flow even in problem areas. Together they offer the benefits of exceptional precision, exact margin reproduction, thixotropic non-dripping consistency, easy removal, distortion free storage, neutral taste and honey scent.

Honigum-MixStar Heavy is designed for use in combination with DMG’s MixStar and MixStar-eMotion automatic mixing units, and other similar machines.

For further information contact your local dental dealer or DMG Dental Products (UK) Ltd on 01656 789401, fax 01656 360100, email or visit



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