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1/2 offer on high quality versatile impression disinfectant

1/2 offer on high quality versatile impression disinfectant

Further information:

Buy a 1L PracticeSafe Soak for Half Price! This effective impression disinfectant will cost only £14.48 for 1L before the end of July. PracticeSafe Soak from Kemdent is a disinfectant for the disinfection of alginate, silicone and polyether impressions.

Infection prevention and control is the single most important task that all the dental team are involved in. It is important to emphasise that infection prevention and control is the responsibility of everyone. CQC and the HTM guidelines recommend that impressions are always soaked immediately after removal from the mouth. The mouth and saliva are ideal places for bugs. They have a warm moist environment, making it easy for the bugs to be passed to the dentist/dental technician and then onto further patients.

PracticeSafe Soak needs only three minutes to disinfect bacteria, fungi and viruses. This disinfectant concentrate is dispensed from the container with a required volume to make a three per cent solution, e.g. for a 1 litre soak, 30 ml would be dispensed. Visit for further information on this product.

Prices exclude VAT

For further information on special offers or to place orders call Helen on 01793 770256

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