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Futurabond M+

Futurabond M+

The universal one-component adhesive in bottles

Fast and universal: Futurabond M+ is the all-rounder of the bonding world. The universal adhesive in bottles scores with its ”plus“ in content, its ”plus“ in reliability and its ”plus“ in abilities. Futurabond M+ offers the user flexible solutions for every bonding situation.

New technology

This applies to the etching technique: total-etch, selective-etch or self-etch – the dentist is free to choose and apply the etching technique depending on indication or according to personal preference. Thanks to a new type of monomer technology, overetching of the dentine is impossible, which prevents postoperative sensitivity.

Reliability and flexibility

Futurabond M+ is also considerably more flexible than conventional bottled bonding agents with regard to its spectrum of application: not only can it be used reliably for direct and indirect restorations, but it also offers secure adhesion to various materials such as metals, zirconium or aluminium oxide, as well as silicate ceramics – and it requires no additional primer.

In combination with Futurabond M+ DCA, the activator available for dual curing purposes, the adhesive is fully compatible with all methacrylate-based self and dual curing composites.

Manufacturer: VOCO GmbH, P.O. Box 767, 27457 Cuxhaven, Germany,

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