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Free Capsule Gun and Activator

Free Capsule Gun and Activator

Buy 100 Diamond Rapid Set Capsules from Kemdent before the end of April 2015 and get a Capsule Gun and Activator FREE OF CHARGE.

The extremely user friendly and cost effective Glass Polyphosphonate Restorative Material is a real alternative to posterior composites and amalgam. It is extremely tough, durable and resistant to edge chipping. After 6 months it develops a compressive strength of 350MPa and can be used to perform non-load bearing class I and II restorations, together with deciduous teeth, the sandwich technique and core build-ups.

The pre-dosed Diamond Rapid Set Capsules are packed in individual, easy to access foils. The chemical snap set renders the material resistant to saliva and moisture almost immediately. It adheres to both enamel and dentine without the need for preparation of the tooth surface or light curing, ideal for use when speed and reliability is of essence.

Visit our website to see a video on how to use Kemdent’s Diamond Rapid Set Capsules with the Capsule Gun and Activator

To take advantage of this special offer or to place an order call Helen on 01793 770256

or visit our website

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