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DMG Constic

DMG Constic

DMG Constic

DMG’s NEW self-etching and adhesive flowable composite is ideal for paediatric dentistry!

With their inquisitive tongues and short attention spans, treating children can be quite taxing! Therefore a self-etching and adhesive flowable composite that eliminates both the etching and bonding steps and the associated time expenditure is a real advantage.

DMG’s NEW Constic self-etching and adhesive flowable composite solves this problem and saves valuable time too. Post-operative sensitivity is also markedly reduced. Constic is faster, easier, more gentle and reliable!

This new 3-in-1 flowable composite combines etching gel, bonding agent and flowable composite in one single product. Consequently the Dentist eliminates both the etching and bonding steps and the associated time expenditure. Possible sources of error are also minimised – advantages not offered by conventional flowable composites requiring the use of a separate adhesive.

As well as treating routine cavities in children, Constic can be used for fissure sealing,  MID restorations including small Class I restorations and base linings in adults, repairing existing restorations and blocking out undercuts, all of which can be quickly carried out with Constic, which is simple to apply and then light-cured.

Available in six shades (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1 and Opaque-White), Constic is radiopaque with a tooth-like fluorescence. Independent Studies have demonstrated superior Shear Bond Strengths for Constic to enamel and dentine compared with other self-etching, self-adhesive flowable composites; the bond strengths to enamel and dentine being almost the same, which is remarkable for a self-etching and bonding material.  They have also demonstrated comparable Shear Bond Strengths to enamel and dentine compared with conventional flowable composite/bonding agent combinations.  

As a pioneer of a new composite generation, Constic thereby reduces the amount of work required and enables increased freedom in the Practice.

For further information contact your local dental dealer or DMG Dental Products (UK) Ltd on 01656 789401, fax 01656 360100, email or visit

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