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Digital resource for implant dentists

Digital resource for implant dentists

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This new digital hub,, provides information on topics that will directly impact profitability for both GDPs and specialists, supporting the business of implant dentistry.

The Implant Hub delivers exclusive support and advice in implant dentistry through articles and blogs to Google Hangouts, as well as LIVE Q&As from our three top coaches: Chris Barrow (Business Coach), Mark Oborn (Marketing Coach) and Dr Nav Ropra (Inspirational Coach).

At the Hub’s launch in London,  there was an opportunity to speak with the three coaches of Chris, Mark and Nav, who unsurprisingly had much to say. Chris stressed the importance of the Hub as the creation of a community to be a place of safety and optimism for those dentists unsure of where to go for advice in implementing implants dentistry into their practice offering; Mark highlighted the need to be able to get the message to patients about the benefits of implants as a potential solution to the problem of missing teeth; and Nav used the analogy of an oak tree in describing how the Implant Hub can help practitioners become inspirational leaders in their practice and take the practice team on a journey to great patient care – having deep roots in the experience of helping dental practices as a business and the attraction of the leaves in marketing a new offering.

Speaking about The Implant Hub, Ken O’Brien, General Manager of BioHorizons UK, the team behind this new offering, said:  ‘Always mindful that we provide unparalleled support for our clients in the business of implant dentistry – and beyond the sale of implants – The Implant Hub was the natural development in our offering to this industry. We are delighted to launch The Implant Hub and, together with our three coaches, our aim is to provide a resource that helps our clients develop their practices from a business perspective.’

To see for yourself what The Implant Hub has to offer your implant dentistry business, visit  

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