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Diamond Core

Diamond Core

Diamond Core provides the Dentist with a number of advantages over traditional core build-up materials.  Diamond Core is the strongest out of the Diamond range, it is a high strength (over 200 MPa>24hr) core build up material, which is necessary to resist masticatory and parafunctional forces and for the long term success of the structure.

In a busy practice it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish tooth from core during preparation, Diamond Core is easy to place and resolves this issue with a distinctive pale blue shade.  It does not suffer from shrinkage or expansion but adheres to dentine and enamel while releasing fluoride to help strengthen the tooth. It has the advantage of being radiopaque and has a rapid snap set.

Diamond Core is part of the Kemdent Diamond range, the range provides dentists with clinically proven glass polyphosphonate cement that is effective and performs highly aesthetic restorative procedures.

To find out more about the Diamond range contact Helen on 01793 770256.
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