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Dentists’ Provident launches new dental student plan

Dentists’ Provident launches new dental student plan

The new academic year saw the market leading income protection specialist Dentists’ Provident launch a new and unique plan for dental students.

This plan will pay a dental student a one off sum of £45,000 if they suffer an accident or long term illness which prevents them from finishing their degree and working as a dentist. No other product supports dental students in this way.

Farrukh Mirza, CEO of Dentists’ Provident said: “We are delighted to be able to offer such a valuable and unique proposition. For just £60 a year students, and their parents, can have the peace of mind that they have taken a positive measure to protect the substantial financial investment needed to study dentistry.”

With tuition fees at £9,000 a year, and the cost of living increasing, it is no surprise that more than 80 per cent of students who answered a survey last year said they would be willing to pay for some form of insurance to cover the risk of an accident or injury, which would prevent them from finishing their degree.

Professor Mark Woolford - Associate Dean (Education), King's College London Dental Institute said: “When you are young, you never think about protecting yourself, but you never know what may happen. We had a dental student in their final year who was hit by a car on a night out. They had such severe head injuries that they could no longer train as a dentist. We awarded them an exit degree but, because of their disabilities, they could never work as a healthcare worker.”

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