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CB12 – A Breath of Fresh Air

CB12 – A Breath of Fresh Air

CB12 – A Breath of Fresh Air

A single dose of new CB12 mouth rinse neutralises bad breath for at least 12 hours!

CB12 is an innovative new product designed specifically to combat bad breath, or halitosis. Unlike some other mouth rinses, CB12 contains active ingredients to neutralise the odour-causing VSCs (volatile sulphur compounds) as they form.

Widely recognised as the most common cause of bad breath (in up to 90% of cases), these VSCs are released as gases when bacteria break down food particles in the mouth. As a result, half of the population is known to experience some degree of bad breath at some point in their lives.

A single, measured 10ml dose of CB12 has been proven to protect from bad breath for at least 12 hours. Available in two flavours, CB12 is effective from the very first dose and has the ability to ‘stick’ to tissue surfaces inside the mouth to help it to keep on working for longer. It can even be used straight after brushing, as the SLS in toothpaste doesn’t affect the chlorhexidine’s effectiveness against halitosis.

CB12 offers absolute, all-day fresh breath confidence in social, private, intimate or professional interactions. Give your patients their confidence back by recommending CB12.

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