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Carestream Dental

Ms Nichola Parker is the Practice Manager of Barnet Dental Practice and a client of Carestream Dental. Recently, the practice has been using AutoPost, the online mailing service that takes care of paper correspondence to patients.


“It saves a lot of manpower – the amount of time otherwise spent on printing recalls, then folding, enveloping, stamping them and sending them out ourselves,” says Nichola. “I think AutoPost is an ingenious idea to be perfectly honest, and it’s really easy to use.


“We’ve got five surgeries, eight dentists and only two people at a busy reception. AutoPost saves us a lot of time and that’s what sold it for me. It’s certainly lived up to my expectations and I would definitely recommend it to other practices.


“Not only do you save time and stationery costs, but also the posting costs are reduced, which is a great benefit.”


For more information, contact Carestream Dentalon 0800 169 9692 or visit

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