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Best-in-class training built around you

Best-in-class training built around you

New for 2014, Denplan has launched its Denplan Academy – a training programme designed completely around the needs of its members’ and their business goals.

Through Denplan Academy, Denplan’s team of qualified trainers can work with Denplan members and their whole practice team on the areas of their business that they wish to strengthen. They can then create a bespoke plan that specifically meets those needs, whether that be improving clinical skills, promoting services, customer service or ways of using websites or social media to attract and retain patients. 

Jo Banks, Denplan Training Manager, commented: “Denplan Academy perfectly ties together the training events that Denplan are so well known for. It allows us to provide a strategic plan of action to give practice teams the tools they need to succeed and grow, or some key target areas for ideas for improvement. All members need to do is make an appointment with their consultant and work through our Denplan Academy App to get a breakdown of the courses available to help achieve their business goals. We’re also in the process of developing training webinars, so Denplan Academy will grow from strength to strength and we’re very proud.” 

For more information about Denplan Academy, please visit or call 0800 169 9962


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