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An exciting product range for your denture patients

Poligrip FreshFoam

An exciting product range for your denture patients

It is a known fact that globally the population is ageing, leaving a substantial number of patients needing partial or complete dentures. These dentures will have important implications in terms of your patients’ functional and emotional well-being.

Poligrip is committed to helping you support your patients with dentures by producing products which help improve their oral health, comfort and confidence with their denture.

Poligrip FreshFoam is a unique, foaming denture cleanser that is gentle enough for use with partial or complete dentures.

Your patients may not realise that dentures are approximately 10 times softer than natural teeth1. Abrasive ingredients in regular toothpaste can scratch the soft surface of dentures2, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria3.

Poligrip FreshFoam is non-abrasive to clean the denture without scratching2,4. It kills 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria5 with around 4 times more freshening ingredients than some toothpastes, and removes stains and plaque,4 when used as directed. Most importantly, it offers the convenience of a toothpaste, whilst providing a fresh, clean feeling that lasts, giving your patients the confidence they need.

Poligrip also offers the Poligrip for Partials range, consisting of Clean & Protect denture cleansing tablets and Seal & Protect denture fixative. Even a well-fitting partial denture can increase the mobility of neighbouring teeth.5-8 This daily range is specially designed for your partial patients to help them protect their remaining natural teeth while they care for their partial.

Recommend Poligrip to help your patients enjoy a better quality of life with dentures. For more information please visit


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POLIGRIP is a registered trade mark of the GSK group of companies. 

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