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Acid wear and using the BEWE for assessment

Acid wear and using the BEWE for assessment

On June 9 2014, GSK Consumer Healthcare, the manufacturers of Pronamel®, held a meeting of dental professionals from NHS and private practice, as well as academics. The meeting discussed ground-breaking data from a recent ESCARCEL study which was sponsored by GSK. This study revealed that 29.4% of young European adults aged 18-35 years already have moderate tooth wear1.

To help dental professionals in the crucial early diagnosis of tooth wear, the meeting suggested the use of the BEWE, which facilitates consistent measurement and recording of tooth wear in practice and offers useful management guidelines.

The duration over which acid is consumed and method of consumption must be considered in risk management.

The BEWE is featured in the 2014 Delivering Better Oral Health toolkit as method for the prevention of Acid Wear.2

For more information on Acid Wear and using the BEWE to identify and manage the condition in practice, visit

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2. Delivering Better Oral Health. An evidence-based toolkit for prevention. 3rd edition. The Department of Health. 2014.

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