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Supporting Students’ Development

3 April 2017

Supporting Students’ Development

In the undergraduate ‘Professionalism’ category, of which the standard was very high, the ADG was pleased to present the Gold Award to Christina Tran, Silver to Michael Orlans and Bronze to Daniel Anderson. The postgraduate Award went to Kalpesh Prajapat.

In recognition of winning such a prestigious accolade, each student was awarded with a monetary prize – £1,000 to Christina, £750 to Michael and £500 to Daniel. The biggest Bursary went to Kalpesh, who received £3,000.

After receiving the Award Kalpesh said: “I am genuinely very honoured to have been chosen for the Bursary. The Award will certainly help drive development and allow me to implement the project on a national and potentially global level, helping to make a difference to children’s oral health.”

Introducing the Awards, David Worskett, Chair of the ADG said:

“All members of the ADG are committed to education, so it seems only right that we should do what we can to boost the careers of the brightest and best of our future dentists and other dental professionals.”

For more information about the Bursary Awards and other areas of involvement, contact the ADG.

For more information about the ADG visit

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