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Digital marketing - what is Pay Per Click?

1 August 2014

Digital marketing - what is Pay Per Click?

Establishing an effective online marketing strategy is an essential step for any modern dental practice looking to enhance its patient base. Many practices have recognised the need for a well structured and well presented website that is Search Engine Optimised (SEO) to encourage the most ‘clicks’. However, there are many more tools at your disposable that will ensure you achieve the maximum coverage. One such tool is Pay Per Click (PPC).

Essentially this is a method by which you can ensure that once your website has been set up, it can be found by potential patients. PPC is an online advertising model that is used to direct internet traffic towards your website. It works by using key words that solicit a reaction from a search engine such as Google or Bing in an auction-based system (you bid what you would want to pay for a single click on an ad and the highest bid stands the greatest chance of ranking no.1 on the ‘sponsored’ results).

So for a dental practice this might be ‘dental implants’ or ‘orthodontics’, which when entered into the search engine by interested patients will provide a link to your website. This link will appear in the ‘sponsored’ results section of the search result pages (rather than the ‘organic’ section) and you will only pay a fee each time someone clicks on and is taken to your site.

The key to a successful PPC campaign is through knowing your target audience. Finding niche keywords and optimising positive and negative terms will ensure that when people do click on your ad it will result in a conversion rather than merely a click and ‘bounce’.

When compared to SEO techniques PPC has a much higher conversion rate and will generate more regular ‘clicks’ and much faster results, whereas SEO has a much slower start, but could provide more long lasting results and may be more cost-effective.

For both approaches the end goal is ultimately the same: to increase the number of patients you see in your practice by achieving an enhanced level of traffic to your website through appearing higher on the search engine results pages.

A truly successful online campaign will exploit both SEO and PPC for the maximum coverage and response. By combining the two disciplines you will be able to create a solid foundation by which your website will achieve its maximum potential. PPC can provide a starting point for a newly created website and is a great way of testing which keywords will garner the optimum outcomes for SEO.

For the best results always seek the help of expert online marketers such as Dental Focus ® ‘Websites for your profit’. An experienced team with a proven track record of creating effective, innovative websites will help you to achieve the optimum results from your online marketing strategy.


About the author:

Naz Haque aka the Scientist is SEO Project Manager at Dental Focus ® ‘Websites for your profit’. Naz has a background in mobile and network computing, and has experience supporting an A-Z range of blue chip brands from Apple to Xerox. As an expert in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Naz is passionate about helping clients build strategies to enhance their brand and increase the ROI from their dental practice websites.


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