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A week in the life of a dental dean

8 September 2017

A week in the life of a dental dean

I have had several meetings with BUPA Dental since they completed their acquisition of Oasis Dental Care and more than 400 practices earlier this year. I am pleased to announce that BUPA Dental have arranged with the university to offer two Year 5 BDS BUPA Bursaries of £3k each year. BUPA Dental have also given funds already to support any students with hardship issues. I am also discussing development of international alumni events and postgraduate education collaboration. There is a launch of the BUPA Bursary Scheme for year 5 BDS students on Wednesday 20th September (13.30 in the Simon Building 4.63) with David Hynam, Bupa UK Managing Director, Ian Wood, Chairman Bupa Dental Care Clinical Board & Director of Clinical Education, and myself.

Dr Neil Patel is now Year 3 BDS Lead and Professor Nick Grey is Year 2 BSc Lead as well as Programme Director.

Dr Justin Durham from Newcastle and several visitors from Scotland and elsewhere attended the School on Monday for a Cochrane Oral Health Group meeting working in a TMD systematic review.

Dr Reza Roudsari had a successful PhD viva yesterday with an outcome of pass with minor corrections. The title of the PhD was, ‘Assessment of competence in dentistry: the expectations, perceptions, and predictions’. Many congratulations Dr Roudsari and thank you to the supervisors, Dr Lucie Byrne-Davis (from the Division of Medicine) and Prof Nick Grey.

We will be holding Multi-Mini Interviews (MMIs) as part of our undergraduate admissions process during the week of 19th February 2018. All interviews will be held over four days rather than over a period of months as was our previous process. This week has been delegated ‘reading week’ for students to ensure staff are available as we will need 28 members of staff each of the four days, 19th to 22nd February, during this week. Please avoid arranging leave during this week.

You may be aware that a new dental hygiene and dental therapy programme commenced at BPP University in Birmingham in September 2016. As part of the quality assurance of this programme, the GDC Registrar determined that an inspection should take place toward the end of the first year. The GDC undertook this ‘interim’ inspection of the BPP Bachelor in Dental and Oral Sciences programme on 11 July 2017. The initial findings of this review, with consequent required actions and immediate conditions, were shared with BPP on 28 July. Subsequently, the GDC was informed on 1 September 2017 that BPP University had taken the decision to close the course. This was a decision of the University, not of the GDC.

This has left a number of students in a difficult position. There are 21 students who were scheduled to commence year two of the programme shortly. We also understand that BPP University also recruited a second cohort of 19 students.

BPP have asked the GDC to help them and to find places at other programmes. This is a unique and desperate problem for the individual students. We have offered to take three students here in Manchester. These students will be required to be interviewed and go through our admissions process. 

Professor Martin Tickle has been a leading member of a World Dental Federation (FDI) working group tasked with producing a policy statement on quality in dentistry. One of the goals of the FDI is to develop and disseminate policies, standards and information related to all aspects of oral health care around the world. It does this through the publication of FDI Policy Statements; declarations that lay out the current thinking on various issues put together through consultation, discussion and consensus amongst leading dental experts from around the world. The policy statement on quality in dentistry was approved last week by the FDI General Assembly in Madrid. We talk a lot about quality in dentistry but currently there is no shared conceptual understanding of what quality means. This policy statement provides a definition of quality in dentistry as 'an iterative process involving dental professionals, patients and other stakeholders to develop and maintain goals and measures to achieve optimal health outcomes’ and is a significant first step for the profession to provide a structured approach to developing the understanding, measurement and improvement of quality in dentistry.  

This week we have also had visitors from Japan, Professor Ikuo Kageyama (Nippon Dental University at Niigata) and Professor Akira Hamura (Dean of Nippon Dental University at Tokyo). The prestigious Nippon Dental University has relationships with several dental schools around the world and is partnered with Manchester for the UK. Some of our undergraduates visited Nippon last year and this year and the plan is to formalize this for student exchange but we also discussed the potential for English academic writing and evidence based practice collaboration. Many thanks to Dr Neil Patel for arranging the schedule and to all the staff that met with Ikuo and Akira. 

We had our Dental Senior Leadership Team meeting this week and I attended the School of Medical Sciences Executive Committee. Nicholas Taylor, Dean of Postgraduate dental Education, and Professor Martin Tickle, our ACF/ACL dental school lead, attended our dental meeting for a discussion around the development and planning for ACFs and ACLs.

Yesterday I met with Dr Dympna Edwards, recently appointed Consultant in Dental Public Health, prior to chairing an evening meeting of the Oral Surgery Managed Clinical Network (MCN) meeting at PP3 that was very productive. This was followed by a farewell night dinner for our Japanese guests.

Sara Hurley, Chief Dental Officer England and Professor of Dentistry with us, is in Manchester next week for the Health and Innovation Expo (11-12 September). This year the focus of the CDO team is on ‘The Fiscal Dividends of Dental Care’.

This year the CDO team have a dedicated space on the Primary Care Feature Zone at which they will be throughout the two days. Details of our specific presentation slots are below:

 Theatre 3 11th September 12.00-13.30

‘Putting your Money where the Mouth Is’:

Mouth Care Matters has been introduced across 13 trusts and this session will show that since introducing it the benefits include:

  • 14 significant monetised benefits of the programme are identified, across the three benefit streams: cash releasing; non-cash releasing; and healthcare system savings and social benefits
  • Overall benefits could vary between £21.62m and £42.00m at the 90% confidence level.
  • Lower incidence of Hospital Acquired and ventilator associated pneumonia.
  • Decrease health costs and improved mortality index.
  • Reduced incidence of systemic disease.

Primary Care Feature Zone - Monday 11th September 10.45am

STPs and Local Dental Networks – Two clinical networks who can no longer afford to ignore each other.

Has your STP integrated its work plan with your Local Dental Network? Chief Dental Officer Sara Hurley and her Deputies Eric Rooney and Janet Clarke will explain exactly how LDNs can enhance efficiencies in primary care in your region and so take the pressure off the secondary care services your STP is required to deliver

Primary Care Feature Zone - Tuesday 12th September 09.45am

Dollars, Diabetes and Dental Disease – can you afford to ignore the evidence?

Defining the dividends achievable by innovating your type 2 diabetic care pathways. This session will show you how your patients can improve their glycaemic control, reduce their glycaemic index and reduce your pharmaceutical bills. 

To book your place at Expo 2017 please go to:

This weekend I will be in Manchester. I have a private practice operating list at the Alexandra hospital tomorrow morning and I will also be catching up on some university work. My mother is staying with us at the moment and we plan to go out for dinner at some stage. I will also do a bit of driving lesson practice for Imogen and we will be buying stuff that she might need when heading off to university in a couple of weeks time.


Best wishes,

Paul Coulthard

Head of Dentistry

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