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Latest events at the University of Manchester

14 December 2017

Latest events at the University of Manchester

We had Graduation Ceremony on Monday in Whitworth Hall. This was a wonderful celebration of many of our postgraduate students and also some of our undergraduate students along with their parents and friends. Many congratulations to all our graduates! In the afternoon I was in theatre at MRI for my day-case operating list. I love the variety of the day! I’ve also had out-patient clinics and a teaching session for Dental Implantology MSc students this week.

We had our Dental Leadership Team this week and I also attended the School of Medical Sciences Executive Meeting at which we spent time discussing research strategy in preparation for a meeting next week with the University Vice-President for Research and Innovation. I also attended the Manchester Foundation Trust and University of Manchester Liaison Meeting.

We had an Estates meeting with Georgina Mills and Mark Valentine to get an update on the Coupland 3 project. I was delighted to hear that we are still on track to move back to Coupland 3 in mid July 2018 so we will be ready for the September start of academic term. The layout and partition walls are up. The work to provide a new roof to the building has been a major project in itself as one may imagine for a building of this age and complexity. New office furniture is to be provided and this will be planned early 2018 along with the fun part of interior design planning.

Dr Richard Macey has been appointed to the post of Systematic Reviewer Research Fellow. Congratulations Richard!

On Tuesday evening a number of oral surgery staff took Tamsin Cooper, Specialist Registrar in Oral Surgery, to dinner to welcome her to Manchester. She actually arrived a few months ago but this was the first opportunity to get people together.

Professor Helen Worthington is maintaining regular international communication for Cochrane Oral Health with the WHO, American Dental Association (ADA), Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP), and the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) to co-ordinate guideline development. This is a major piece of work and demonstrates the high regard these organisations have for the Cochrane Oral Health Group. This will avoid duplication of effort and ensure the delivery of high quality evidence based guidelines globally.

Today Dr Siobhan Barry, Professor Julian Yates, Dr Jackie Platt and I have admissions meetings about undergraduates and postgraduates with Professor Peter Clayton and Dr Carol Yates to plan ahead.

Sir Mike Deegan is now Group Chief Executive Officer for the new Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. Each hospital will now have its own Chief Executive with a hospital executive team. In Dental, the Dental Division of the Trust will become the ‘University Dental Hospital of Manchester’ which is what most of us call it already. Divisional Director Mr Stephen Dickson is to leave in January to become Director of Operations at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. This position will be replaced by a hospital Chief Executive Officer (Eye and Dental Hospitals) and Mr John Ashcroft has been appointed to commence in early January 2018.

A University Dental Hospital of Manchester national audit of antibacterial prescribing in dental hospitals is being planned for February 2018.

Applications for the International Exchange placements are now open to Year 4 BDS students for Henry M Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Boston, USA and the Nippon Dental University in Niigata and Tokyo, Japan!

Our undergraduate and postgraduate students finish today for their holiday. Please have a great time and good rest! Happy Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

This weekend I’m hosting a staff Christmas Party at our home so much of the weekend will be spent preparing and clearing up  - I love hosting these parties! Imogen returns home for Christmas this evening from Brighton and Francesca from the city centre and I’m hoping that they will be decorating the Christmas tree that has just arrived. Matthew returns for Christmas from Hong Kong tomorrow at 6.00am and whilst I’m very excited to see him, I have to decide whether to get up early to greet him or save my energy for the evening party! My mother is staying with us too, so a nice full house. We will be having some friends stay over after the party but there is always room. A video is to be set up in a bedroom for the entertainment of children who are attending although films will stop of course for the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ final. We also have some special entertainment for staff but that's a secret!

Best wishes,

Paul Coulthard

Head of Dentistry

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